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Information for Applicants

The broad mission of the McCune Foundation is to support non-profit organizations that improve the quality of life in southwest Pennsylvania by fostering community vitality and economic growth that will continue to improve the region for generations to come. Within these mission parameters, the Foundation is mindful that it is currently on a trajectory of just over 11 years that will conclude in October 2029. This context has changed considerably the “rules of engagement” in the grant selection process as the Foundation develops new criteria to guide its grantmaking in the final years. Three overarching principles are framing the conversation with prospective grantees:

(1) Leave it better than you found it;
(2) Finish well the things you have started; and,
(3) Don’t start new things you cannot finish well.

These three lenses make it very unlikely that the Foundation will initiate or respond to potential engagements with organizations with whom it has not worked during its first 39 years of operations—preferring as an alternative to build on past work in a manner that increases the likelihood of sustainable, effective operations and program delivery after the Foundation is gone. The Foundation’s current operating mode also means that there will be far fewer resources for consideration of capital campaigns that seek significant investments for facilities, endowments, and/or new programs. The number and size of these prospective grants has and will continue to decline.

In this competitive market place, there will be fewer available resources to support expanded or new operations and programs, even to organizations with whom the Foundation has significant history, unless those expansions are directly related to the core mission of the organization, and expand revenue-producing opportunities well into the future. Submissions should present a realistic and persuasive case for the potential to significantly impact the health, growth and/or prosperity of the targeted constituency or community. Part of a compelling case is a clear understanding of the environment, both positive and negative, in which the proposed project or program will take place. Applicants should demonstrate the means to collect and analyze data that informs both the current situation and describes success.

The other part of a compelling case is demonstrated organizational capacity to deliver the program or project. The applicant must show how the project or program can be sustained after the grant period ends without additional McCune Foundation funding.

McCune Foundation focuses its grants in southwestern Pennsylvania, principally the Pittsburgh area. Unsolicited proposals from outside the region are not accepted.

Please visit the Grants page of the Foundation’s website for a more comprehensive description of program areas and the types of projects more likely to receive support. Please also be aware that there are types of organizations and projects that the Foundation rarely or ever supports. These include:

• Public Education
• Government offices or authorities
• Advocacy
• Programs primarily supported/sponsored by government
• Special Events and Benefits

To apply for consideration, an organization should complete the Applicant Information Sheet (a link can be accessed in the upper left hand section of this web page). In your electronic submission please include a copy of the organization’s IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter.

If the project meets current funding priorities and sufficient resources are available, the Foundation's grantmaking staff will contact the applicant to provide guidance regarding next steps in the application process. While the Foundation’s Distribution Committee typically meets four times a year, the number of projects and the increased level of Foundation involvement means that it will usually take several months for consideration to be given to new projects.